> Provence

In September I took a trip to Provence led by Laurie Cohen and with my fellow photographer Terri Geiger. We started in Nice and went on to Avignon and Aix, with many stops in between.

Promenade des Anglais
Serving vegies
Building in market
Having a drink
French Window
Grungy palace
Nice puddle
Street reflection
Colorful tower
View of Villefranche
Reflected bell
Colorful dome
Reflected shutters
Looking out the window
Racist sign
Street musician
Monte Carlo dome
View of casino
Monte Carlo casino
Photographer and shadows
Ferrari   at Monte Carlo
Flowers in window
Cat in street
Tire elephant
Lamp shadow
Coat of arms
Dog carrier
Vine shadow
Door and windows
Door with colors
Laundry in the country
Citroen 5 rear
Citroen 5 front
Avignon Mall
Stained glass projection
Three having a drink
Three friends
Bike and shutter
Signs in Aix
Wine shop copy