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"Journalism entries shall consist of pictures with informative content and emotional impact, including human interest, documentary and spot news." .

A Colleague
A wider view of the row
Bolivians 1
Brenda Tharp in Action
Can't we go home now, Mom?
Changing film at the Gay Pride Parade
Checking phone  during Pride parade
Checking the arrangements
Chinatown Card game
Chinatown Meat shopping
Cup of tea
Dawn Patrol 2
Dawn Patrol 3
Defy gravity
Desecrating the Flag
Dining with the dead, Oakland
Drinking fountain
Faces from Gay Pride 2011
Faces from Gay Pride 2011
Faces from Gay Pride 2011
Faces from Gay Pride 2011
Fishermen's protest
Flame 1
Flame 2
Flame 3
Flock of balloons
Gamblers 1
Gay Pride Soda
Getting into costume
Girl in blue
Guarding the Wine*
Guy with spoons
Is he reading or sleeping?*
Lion Dance 1
Lion Dance 2
Low rider
Memorial copy
Mexican flag
Mural and guy
Next time, try the bus
Nice bra
Occupy with bridge
Once were warriors.....