> Mexico - Oaxaca

This album contains images from four trips to Oaxaca. The first was a wonderful one with Richard Martin, where he taught me how to make great images using shadows, as well as the other wonderful shapes and colors that come with any Richard Martin trip. Then, in late October 2013, I went with Tino Soriano for the Day of the Dead. We spent four nights shooting in cemeteries by candlelight, and other night shoots in squares in central Oaxaca. Since I have never tried shooting by candlelight before, those shots have to be considered experimental. We also saw a procession and visited private homes. In 2015 I went back again with Richard Martin, and found many more pleasant subjects. I went again with Richard in 2017 and again had a delightful time, and yet another time in 2019.

Marcher 1
Marcher 2
Plastic background
Four colors
Turkey for sale
Selling onions
Selling onions
Cooking 2
Cooking 1
Sign 2
Wall with bright spot
Fence shadows
Matching curves
Clothing store
Auditorio Guelaguetza
Lamp and plant
Trimming copy
Do not enter
Monte Alban
Window with bars
Carnaval boy
Window with trunk
Yellow arc
Three arches
Red flowers on yellow 2
Red flowers on yellow 1
Red flowers on blue
Tending cattle
Cooking at the cattle market
Two trees
Oaxaca reflection 2
Window and shadow
Cactus and wall
Yummy bunnies
Colorful covers
Less than 50 cents per pound
Cactus leaf
Selling vegies