> Making Faces

In August I took a workshop with Freeman Patterson and Andre' Gallant in New Brunswick. On the last day Andre' gave a presentation of wonderful faces, made from pictures of things like junk cars, split in half, duplicated, and flipped. I really liked that and have been making similar images. I started with shots of a crane in Nova Scotia fairly near the workshop, and then continued with older images from junk cars in my archives and some images made more recently in San Francisco and other convenient places.

Big nose
Red lips
Big brown eyes
Alsatian stare
Face from hole in wall
Bolt circles
Face from farm machine
Face from tractor
Face from sidelight
Face from lichen
Face from door handle
Face from Handle and lock
Door handle and lock
Face from turn signal
Face from boat paint
Face from crane bolt
Face from crane hole
Face from crane hole and rust
Face from bolthead and rust
Face from loader bucket
Face  from red pumpkin
Face from yellow pumpkin
Face from part of rusted door
Face from rusted wall
Bracket face 1