> Kyoto

Three priests
Two priests
Little stream
Garden at Koto-in
Blue roof, Koto-in
Trees - koto-in
Lantern, Koto-in
Footpath, Koto-in
Red leaf
Maple branches, Koto-in
Rocks and Ferns, Zuiho-in
Red leaves
Rocks in pond,Tenryu-ji
Grey Heron
Pathway, Nison-in
Maple leaves 2
Maple leaves 1
Koi pond, Rengei-ji
Red leaves 2
Trees and Roof, Shisendo
Photographer in Shisendo
Drain in Ohara
Gardener in Shizuhara
Waves of color, Tofoku-ji
One leaf
Colorful trees, Tofoku-ji
Red and yellow
Surreal garden, Tofoku-ji
Fushimi 1
Fushimi 2
Fushimi worshipers
Fallen leaves
Raking the garden, Taizo-in
Stream, Taizo-in
Kyoto shadows
Bridge, Ryoan-ji
Ducks in pond 1, Ryoan-ji
Ducks in pond 2, Ryoan-ji
Leaves and bridge
Bridge 2, Ryoan-ji
Bridge 3, Ryoan-ji
Garden at Saiho-ji
Bushes Saiho-ji
Maples and rocks, Saiho-ji
Bridge, Saiho-ji
Pathway, Saiho-ji
Green door