Recent Photos

  • Tower
    Here are some pictures from various places in the Bay Area. Mostly I've been going around the area with my Sony a6000 and having fun. In March I went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for the first time in my life, with my friends the Fields, and found a few fun shots. And in May I joined many camera club friends at Carnaval. Then in November of this year I went to the Salesforce Park with my camera club


  • Girona reflections
    In November and December I went to Barcelona with Laurie Cohen. I had a great time and made many images, and spend a fair amount of time photographing the Gaudi' masterpieces.


  • View from sky bldg copy
    In May and June of 2019 I took a trip to Japan with Ian Knight. We visited Sapporo, Tokyo, Miyajima, Hiroshima and Osaka

Dogpatch and the Mission

  • Dogpatch Saloon
    These image were made in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, including the Potrero Point power plant, and the Mission district


  • Temple Bar
    In late June 2018 I went to Ireland with Travel Images, led by John Baker. It was amazing because in the entire fortnight we had no rain.

Mexico 2018

  • Saint Jude
    In January I went to Yucatan with Eddie Soloway. We visited Merida and Valladolid, with aside trips to Celestun and Chichen Itza. Then in April I took a private tour of Mexico City with Alberto Morales.

Maritime Provinces of Canada

  • Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
    In August of 2017 I and several friends took a photo workshop in Saint Martin's, New Brunswick with Freeman Patterson and Andre' Gallant, two well-known photo workshop leaders. We then spent a week on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, where we visited many wonderful photo destinations.

Making Faces

  • Bracket face 1
    In August I took a workshop with Freeman Patterson and Andre' Gallant in New Brunswick. On the last day Andre' gave a presentation of wonderful faces, made from pictures of things like junk cars, split in half, duplicated, and flipped. I really liked that and have been making similar images. I started with shots of a crane in Nova Scotia fairly near the workshop, and then continued with older images from junk cars in my archives and some images made more recently in San Francisco and other convenient places.

Northern France

  • Chambord with tourists
    I went to Normandy, Brittany, and the Loire Valley in May of 2017 with John Baker of Travel Images. I made many fun images.

Old Car City

  • CS
    In November of 2016 I went to Old Car City in White, Georgia with a group led by Jason Odell. We had two delightful mornings of shooting, and two afternoons of classroom instruction.


  • Wine shop copy
    In September I took a trip to Provence led by Laurie Cohen and with my fellow photographer Terri Geiger. We started in Nice and went on to Avignon and Aix, with many stops in between.


  • Shopping in Orvieto
    In September I took a trip to Tuscany led by Roman Martin (not related to Richard Martin) along with Jennifer Johnston. This was just before the Provence trip.

British Columbia

  • Old and new
    In July of 2016 I went to Vancouver to meet my friend Mike Sinclair, and he showed me around the Vancouver area. Then we took the ferry to Victoria and spent a couple of days near there, and then back to the mainland to places like Squamish. We went to several interesting outdoor museums that showed all kinds of old equipment, most of it beautifully rusted. I had a great time and thank him very much indeed for all his help finding pictures of the kind we both love,


  • Finished beer
    In March of 2016 I visited Colombia with a group called Within the Frame. Leaders were Jeffrey Chapman, Winslow Lockhart, and Adam Weintraub. We visited over Holy Week, and experienced some Easter festivities.

Costa Rica

  • Three bins
    In January 2016 I had the opportunity to take a trip to Costa Rica. I was in the city of San Jose and its suburbs with Monica Quesada, and then in Tortuguera and the Tortuguera National park with her husband Tom Enderlin, both of whom were good photo leaders. I wished I had had a longer lens for the park, but I didn't.


  • Grilling Satay
    I took a trip to Bali with Karen Schulman in September. My photographer cousin Ed Weil and his wife Julie were with us.


  • Seamstress
    In April 2015 I went to Morocco with a group led by Michael Chinnici. It was a very productive trip. We started in Fes, spent a day going to Volubilis, Mulay Idris, and Meknes, then back to Fes. Then a train ride to Marrakech and a couple of days there, and then drive to Essaouira, Safi, and finally El Jadida.

Mexico - Oaxaca

  • Marcher 1
    This album contains images from four trips to Oaxaca. The first was a wonderful one with Richard Martin, where he taught me how to make great images using shadows, as well as the other wonderful shapes and colors that come with any Richard Martin trip. Then, in late October 2013, I went with Tino Soriano for the Day of the Dead. We spent four nights shooting in cemeteries by candlelight, and other night shoots in squares in central Oaxaca. Since I have never tried shooting by candlelight before, those shots have to be considered experimental. We also saw a procession and visited private homes. In 2015 I went back again with Richard Martin, and found many more pleasant subjects. I went again with Richard in 2017 and again had a delightful time, and yet another time in 2019.

Mexico except Oaxaca

  • Drummers
    February 2014, I took a trip with Eddie Soloway, where we stayed in a hacienda in the town of Las Trancas, near Dolores Hidalgo (the birthplace of the Mexican revolution). We also went to San Miguel de Allende, where I have been twice before, and Guanajuato, which I have also visited before. In December I went to the town of Ajijic, near Guadalajara with Jill Flyer, and found some interesting scenes in and near there.


  • Screw
    In October 2014 I went to Alsace, in eastern France, with my friend Georges Pelpel. It is very colorful, and I do not understand why no one leads photo tours there. As I wandered around Alsace I came to think of it as the Napa Valley on steroids. I also paraphrased a line from Henry V: I love Alsace so well that I will not part with a village of it. I made almost all of the images with my Nex-6 and a Tamron 18-200 mm lens.

New Orleans

  • Loews piazza
    In May of 2014 I went to New Orleans on a trip lead by Michael Chinnici and Gabriella McSwain. We stayed in the French Quarter and went to several interesting places. We also ate lots of interesting food.


  • Hanging out at the Little Hagaia Sophia Mosque
    In May of 2013 my cousin Ed Weil and I went to Istanbul on a photo tour led by Steve Outram (who led my trip to Crete). I particularly enjoyed the Fener and Balat districts, where we encountered other foreigners only twice in six hours of shooting.


  • Trailer
    In December of 2010 I went on a one-week "humanitarian" trip with a group from PSA. It was the most concentrated and productive week in my photographic career. Then in January 2013 I took another trip with Richard Martin and members of my camera club, and it was even more productive. Here are the results.


  • Green door
    I took a photo trip to Kyoto with a group led by Eddie Soloway. He scheduled it so we hit the peak of fall color. But we photographed many other interesting things too. I will post them here as I process them.

New York

  • Back and foot rub
    In late April I went to New York with my friend and cousin Ed Weil. We spent the better part of a week finding uncommon subjects to shoot.

Fort Point

  • Golden gate bridge
    In November 2011 I went to Fort Point with my good friend Dick Stahlke (who passed away in June of 2012). We spent several pleasant hours shooting . Most of these were HDR, many 9-exposure

Southern France

  • Left bank street #2
    In May of 2011 I took a trip to France. The main reason was to visit the South of France with an instructor, Gene Turner, but I also spent a week in Paris.

Rust and Rubbish

  • Train window
    A lecture by the Canadian photographer Richard Martin inspired me to start photographing rusted junk cars. I believe that Ernst Haas was the first to see the possibilities in cars like these. I have also been photographing a large number of unconventional subjects besides junk cars, but that fit in the same category. Harbors are particularly fruitful sources for that sort of thing. I have also found many suitable subjects on and IN the street in my local area.


  • Triangular reflection
    As part of my work on Rust, Rubbish, and Reflections I have assembled my favorite Reflection pictures in one place. A large percentage of them are made in harbors, particularly in Victoria BC and Iceland. Others are made in streams, puddles, windows, the sides of cars, and so on.


  • Window
    Pictorial (sic) pictures are judged by their artistic quality, and any subject or process is acceptable. Often people will submit the best of their nature, travel, creative pictures as pictorial.


  • Two on the rail
    "A travel picture must express the feeling of a time and place, portray a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographic limitations." This may seem clear, but different judges interpret it quite differently.


  • Train is coming
    "Creative photography is producing an image through the use of imaginative skill or originality of thought including the altering of reality. No image should be eliminated from consideration simply because it looks realistic, provided it shows originality of concept." Note: this does not require compter manipulation - unmanipulated images with unusual angles of view or subject selection often win.

Point Lobos

  • Whalers' Cove, Point Lobos
    These are all images made at Point Lobos State Reserve just south of Carmel, California. I am collecting them here even though they are also shown in other albums, to show what can be done at Pt. Lobos


  • Cormorants
    "The Nature Photography Division is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict observations from all branches of natural history, except anthropology and archaeology, in such a fashion that a well-informed person will be able to identify the subject matter and certify as to its honest presentation.


  • Kissers
    In October, 2004 my friend Dan Katzman and I went to the Colorado Plateau, primarily in the Paria Wilderness and the Escalante area, and stopped at Bryce Canyon on the way home. These pictures are from that trip. Then in June, 2010 I went with Dick Stahlke to Santa Fe via Monument Valley and returned via Sedona. The landscapes from that trip are also in this album


  • Pipe smoker
    "Journalism entries shall consist of pictures with informative content and emotional impact, including human interest, documentary and spot news." .
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