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Here are some pictures from various places in the Bay Area. Mostly I've been going around the area with my Sony a6000 and having fun. In January 2017 I went back to Forest Home Farms in San Ramon, which I haven't been to in about five years and made a few shots, and in February went to the Chinese New Year celebration again. This time I first went to the festival on Grant Street, then to Portsmouth Square to see some of the locals, and then to the Market Street area to shoot some of the people getting ready. When the parade started I went home. In March I spent a day in Pacific Grove, making images for a PSA presentation, which, in fact, I will not use in the presentation. In May I went to Carnaval in San Francisco and practiced shooting with my longest lens (200 mm) opened as wide as possible to blur the background, with moderate success. Then in June our club had a scavenger hunt in Benicia and I made a few fun shots there. In late July I took a class in street photography in the Haight and made a couple of decent images. In October I went to the PSA Conference in Pittsburgh and made a few images there. And then I went to Trader Joe and shot some pumpkins, and have been working on them in Photoshop. With the pumpkins, and with several of the ones below in Dogpatch, I've been using a creative technique duplicating part of an image and then flipping the copy. At the beginning of December our club had a field trip to the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco and I did some shooting, including a two-person walk to an area near a very rusty building. And at the end of the month I practiced shooting glassware in a spare bedroom,